THERMAX® SF 600 – HD 1200 for combustion chamber linings
Environmentally friendly combustion technology for fireplaces and heating inserts

THERMAX® SF 600 – HD 1200 for combustion chamber linings
Environmentally friendly combustion technology for fireplaces and heating inserts

Best efficiency – low emission values: with THERMAX®

Efficient and environmentally friendly: THERMAX® combustion chamber linings
Fireplaces provide a healthy warmth with clean and economical combustion, with the help of THERMAX® stove refractories. Efficient combustion technology combined with selected stove materials results in a considerable difference between high-quality and standard fireplaces.
A high combustion temperature is achieved with environmentally friendly combustion technology. The higher it is, the more efficient and cleaner the combustion. In other words: less wood is needed for the same heat output. It creates almost no soot particles, which could deposit on the glass, meaning that less frequent cleaning is required.

Extremely resistant to temperature change, less likelihood of breaking:
THERMAX® boards and moulded parts possess a special layer structure; the individual components of a board are interlocked with each other. Tensions caused by temperature changes can be well compensated by THERMAX® boards, making them less susceptible to breakages.

Extremely flexible:
THERMAX® boards are very easy to work with. Trimming is not required for different fireplaces, as the boards can be cut or shaped with simple wood processing tools. Trimming is reduced to standard boards, which can be trimmed on demand for the stoves needing lining. If you require new combustion chamber linings for your end customers, we can provide a quick and straightforward service.

Download Flyer THERMAX® stove refractory Download Flyer THERMAX® stove refractory boards S 600 / S 700 (Designboards) / S 800 / S 900

Design example:

THERMAX® stove refractory at a glance:

  • Environmentally compatible
  • Resistant to temperature change
  • Fracture-proof
  • Recyclable
  • Flexible
  • Low weight
  • Superb quality

Attractive and environmentally compatible:
THERMAX® combustion chamber boards

THERMAX® stove refractory.
The system:

  • Boards
  • Cut to size
  • Moulded parts
  • Adhesive sealant

Technical specifications

THERMAX®SF 600SF 750SF 850HD 1200
Delivery formats
mm2440 x 1250
1250 x 1000
1000 x 620
2440 x 1250
1250 x 1000
1000 x 620
1250 x 1000
1000 x 620
1000 x 610
Thicknessmm | ±0.5 20 – 508 – 4020 – 3020 – 80
Classification temperature
°C 1100110011001150
Densitykg/m3 | ±5 %6257508501200
Cold compressive strengthN/mm22.
Modulus of rupture
Thermal conductivityW/mK
200 °C
400 °C
600 °C




Thermal shrinkage% | after 12 h
1100 °C
1150 °C

< 2.0

< 2.0

< 2.0

< 2.0
Thermal expansion, linear% | 20 – 700 °C0.

Customised formats and thicknesses are available on request. We can manufacture stamped or milled parts or cut to size parts in accordance with your drawings. The classification temperature is not equal to the maximum application temperature, especially when physical conditions such as tensile or pressure loads are present. The information contained in this publication is for clarification purposes only; it does not constitute any contractual obligations. For further written information and advice on specific details of the products described above, please contact Techno-Physik Eng. GmbH (Germany).

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