THERMAX® fire protection mortar M10

Special mortar for concreting fire dampers and fire doors in solid construction parts. Concreting pipe openings. Concreting air ducts.

Cement-bound THERMAX® fire protection mortar. The special mortar has been tested in accordance with EN 998 – 2, and classified under the M10 mortar group under DIN V 18580: NMIII). It is made out of standardised bonding agents (Portland cement, in accordance with EN 197 – 1) and compensating ingredients to improve its freshness and firmness.

THERMAX® fire protection mortar M10 is a dry mortar.
He is employed in the fire protection coating of fire dampers and fire doors in ceilings and walls.
Grouting of pipe penetrations. Mortaring of air channels.

THERMAX® fire protection mortar M10 can be touched by hand and with stirring device and produced in large quantities with all mixing
and plastering machines. When scheduling mix thoroughly and after
a short maturation period of about 10 minutes is the mortar again to move through and adjust to the final consistency. Due to the consistency of the mortar ahs a good pumping and fluidity; he has a good adhesive force and thus optimum adhesion to the substrate.

The processing temperature should be at least +5 °C.
The processing time varies depending on weather conditions and
porosity of the substrate.

THERMAX® fire protection mortar M10 is mixed with water without
any additives. It is recommended following mixing ratio:
25 kg mortar to 7.5 liters of water.

One sack of dry mortar (25 kg) mixed with water depending on the consistency, arise when properly mixing a fresh mortar amount of approximately 18.5 liters= 0,0185 m3.

Fire class A1
mortar group: M10 acc. to EN 998-2
Granulation: 0 – 1 mm
Hardened mortar density > 1.6 kg/dm³
Compressive strength > 10 N/mm²
Bending tensile strength > 4 N/mm²
Processing time is about 2 h at 20 °C
Low chromate

Dry storage on pallets or wooden grids and protect against drafts.
Storage time should not exceed 6 months from date of production.

THERMAX® fire protection mortar is applicable to all load-bearing
surfaces inside and outdoors. The surface must be clean and free from loose parts. Greatly different absorbent substrate should be pretreated accordingly.
Metal plates must be free of grease.

After installation pull surfaces felting or smooth. After drying deal as the adjacent walls or ceiling.

Wash mortar from the skin with water. Clean work equipment and soiled walls or floor with water.
Mortar strong alkaline reaction with moisture, therefore protect skin and eyes. Rinse thoroughly in contact with water. Consult doctor immediately after eye contact.

The labeling of the bags corresponting to the respective legal status.

Paper bags with polyethylene film, 25 kg content.
THERMAX® fire protection mortar, certified acc. to EN 998-2, is in the company laboratory tested continuously as part of the self-monitoring to ensure compliance with its composition and properties. This ensures a consistent quality of the product.

Technical data

THERMAX® fire protection mortar M10
Fire class A1
Mortar group (acc. to EN 998-2)M10
Granulation0 – 1 mm
Hardened mortar density> 1.6 kg/dm³
Compressive strength> 10 N/mm²
Flexural strength> 4 N/mm²
Processing timeabout 2 hours at 20 °C
Low chromate