All our products marked as TPGreen Solutions are:

  • Physiologically harmless

  • Natural and sustainable

  • Inorganic and low-dust

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

THERMAX® and FIPRO®are the two environmentally aware, non-flammable thermal insulation materials and fire protection products of the TPGroup. Both brands are made from a natural mineral, with inorganic binders added during special production process. The finished products are free from organic components, fibres or any other harmful materials and this remains so – even during processing. An advantage for your health and the environment.


What makes us so special?

 We are the global market leader in the area of natural insulating materials made from a harmless raw material. Our products’ harmlessness for health has been confirmed to us by the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim (IBR) and Bureau Veritas Laboratoires.


The raw material for our THERMAX® and FIPRO® fire protection and thermal insulation products is a natural mineral that is extracted worldwide and mostly used for ecological soil improvement in agriculture. The companies of the TPGroup , turn this material into highly temperature resistant, certified THERMAX® and FIPRO® panels and/or mouldings in a special process. For industrial heat engineering and structural fire protection – safety for all purposes.


  • uncompromising sustainability, safety and health
  • no mould formation
  • natural product – single-origin 100% recyclable
  • toxicologically harmless
  • no outgassing
  • sterile (thermally treated raw material)
  • odourless
  • skin-friendly
  • diffusible
  • non-flammable A1
  • climate-regulating
  • shape-retaining
  • ageing-resistant
  • fibre-free
  • easy to work with and process with little dust
  • Your premier choice if you wish to use TPGreen SOLUTIONS for fire protection or heat engineering

THERMAX® and FIPRO® brand products and systems will render your products, your applications and your projects safe worldwide with tested and certified solutions. And now also with the new TPGreen SOLUTIONSlabel: THERMAX® for structural engineering and home technologies – FIPRO® in ship building and the offshore industry.

THERMAX® and FIPRO® are our completely harmless materials for your ideas and products that you need to protect. The processing of THERMAX® and FIPRO® creates no fine dusts, no vapours or gases are released, the products are free from mineral fibres, and leftover material is 100 % recyclable.

The new TPGreen SOLUTIONS label helps you quickly recognize our sustainable products and play it safe.


Employing our know-how will open undreamt-of perspectives and options up for you: To protect your products, we will not only turn THERMAX® and FIPRO® into “simple”, smooth fire protection panels, but also produce complex moulded parts and systems, precisely tailored to your wishes and specifications, so that their form also follows the desired function – and that as sustainably and safe as our fire protection panels. At the end of their long lifetime, you can simply recycle these moulded parts or have them reprocessed.

The new TPGroup research and development centre MINERALKA in Slovenia.

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