THERMAX® MA (Mansard) fire protection boards

Paper lamination, with filling edges at the sides

The light boards, laminated with paper, are especially suitable for trapeze profile roof structures, timber rooftops and ceilings. Furthermore, support structures can be coated (steel supports and girders), and independent suspended ceilings, fillings or shaft walls can be built.

Also available: THERMAX® RS fire protection boards – paper lamination without filling edges at the sides.


Technical specifications*

Reaction to fire classification (DIN 4102)A2
Standard dimension (mm) or on request1900 x 1200
Density (EN 12467 - 7.3.1.)475 kg/m³ (±10%)
Thickness (mm) or on request16, 35
Tolerance in thickness (EN 12467 -± 0.5 mm
Tolerance in dimension (EN 12467 -± 2.0 mm
Bending strength (EN 12467 - 7.3.1.)2.2 N/mm²
Compressive strength (intern)4 N/mm²
Screw extraction surface (intern, based on EN 320)9 N/mm
Residual moisture (ex works) (EN 322)2 – 6 %

* These specifications always depend on the thicknesses of the respective products, and represent minimum or average production values. Safety information sheets and processing instructions are available on request. All additions and changes to technical information reserved. If certain features are mandatory for certain uses, it is best to contact us. We are constantly expanding our construction programme.

Product data

Dimension 1900 x 1200 mm
ThicknessMass per unit area (app.)Boards/pallet
222.41216 mm7.6 kg/m²60 pcs.
222.41335 mm16.6 kg/m²26 pcs.