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THERMAX® A / SN Fire protection boards

For decorative, preventative fire protection

Creative. Individual. Safe.

There are no limits to the flexibility of THERMAX® when it comes to shapes, colours and dimensions for decorative fire protection.

THERMAX® is much more than just fire protection and insulation boards. As composite boards with materials as diverse as ceramics, marble, precious woods, varnishes and laminates, they are not only ideal for fire protection, but are also highly aesthetically pleasing in interior construction.

We also manufacture the necessary decorative moulded parts for fire protection, on state-of-the-art production lines. This advantage offers planners, designers and architects countless possibilities for implementing their projects.
One novelty is the patented Indewo direct print procedure, which provides even more design and finishing possibilities for THERMAX® boards. For example, individually designed image files can be printed onto THERMAX® boards.

THERMAX® surfaces are suitable for e.g.

  • Coats of paint
  • Fabric coatings
  • Wallpaper
  • Veneer
  • Metal surfaces
  • Ceramic surfaces
  • Marble
  • HPL and CPL

and much more.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our flexible product designs give you the opportunity to obtain all products – depending on design – ready-made from us, or to order all board materials which do not meet the A2 group classification from us in raw form, so that you can use them for your own work.