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Your experienced partner for industrial heating technology and structural fire protection

Four locations, three notable brands, one claim: even better and more sustainable products for your projects. The TechnoPhysik Group has developed, produced and sold high-quality insulation materials for over forty years.

The TechnoPhysik Group is made up of four companies: TECHNO-PHYSIK Engineering GmbH and WD-Technik GmbH in Germany, MINERALKA in Slovenia, and MINERALKA in Austria. As well as producing microglass fibre boards and moulded parts, as well as THERMAX® products, the companies of the TechnoPhysik Group handle and process almost all insulation materials for applications in industries such as electric and gas heating, househould appliances, aluminium, glass and ceramic, etc. The range of products on offer covers temperatures from (-) 180 °C to (+) 1600 °C.

Our companies have been producing successful fire protection products for the national and international markets for years. We offer an extensive and individually customised range of products in the fields of structural fire protection and industrial heating technology.

The companies within the TechnoPhysik Group

For more than 25 years the TECHNO-PHYSIK Engineering GmbH is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative thermal insulating solutions in the industrial sector and also a partner of sustainable and environmentally friendly combustion technology for furnaces and fireplaces.

The MINERALKA d.o.o. headquarter in Slovenia and the MINERALKA d.o.o. branch in Austria are specialized in the production and distribution of high-quality and sustainable FIPRO® and THERMAX® thermal insulation and fire protection products.

The WD-Technik GmbH is a specialist in refractory and insulation made of Vermiculite.

WD-Technik offers a wide product portfolio from simple insulating boards to complex, custom-made mouldings.

Our brands



The TechnoPhysik Group acts internationally successfully as a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality insulating materials and professional high temperature adhesives for industries, marine and offshores.

Ideal solutions for your business

Today, products of the Techno-Physik Group are worldwide used as noncombustible thermally efficient insulation products for electric heat and gas heat industry, aluminum industry and many other industrial branches.

The fire protection boards of Techno-Physik Group you can find in mega yachts, passenger ships, public buildings, oil rigs as well as tunnels and pits all over the world.

We owe this success to our wide range of competence, comprising the development and production of insulating materials made of Vermiculite and microfibre boards, through the development of insulating materials to semi-finished products to numerous accompanying services.

A variety of CNC machine tools make it possible to accomplish very complex requirements with immediate solutions.

Your object in view

The TechnoPhysik Group selectively is looking in close cooperation with customers for innovation and works on the permanent advancement of her products. Core idea is the adaptation specific for application or new development of insulating materials, components and services. The consideration of target system in combination with close cooperation to our customers and individual services lead to perfect solutions.

Requirements of the market

The active development of new products occurs according to the requirements of our customers – and always in a view of the current market.
Basic development means for us adaptation existing insulation concepts to the changing demands of the market and the legal guidelines. Thus, the TechnoPhysik Group uses examinations for the thermal behavior and use-related studies.

Maximum productivity

To increase your productivity, we assume all services related to your product: processing, packaging and logistics. Furthermore we offer the integration of external suppliers and module production. The basis for this system competence are our long-standing experience in the area of technological demanding systems and highly trained professionals.